Aug 29, 2013 Set



Today’s card is Set, the god of storms and unrestrained passion. Set is characterized by a mythical animal, thus its characteristics are unknown. Passions are much the same way, we never know how they will play out, as there is no thinking before acting. Set cautions you to reflect on your emotions before you act on them. What will happen if you act right now? Who will misunderstand or be hurt by your actions? Do you really want to have to “clean up” any damage by acting without thinking? Set is one of the most powerful gods in the Ancient Egyptian pantheon. His sentence for acting without thinking is to be the appointed guardian of the boat of the sun and protect Re every night against the dangers of darkness. So if you are the one having to deal with someone whose emotions are out of control, have patience and show them how to change. They will become your strongest ally. If you are the one with an unrestrained passion, take time to breathe, think, and reflect before putting your passion into action.


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