Aug 26, 2013 Anpu (Anubis)

Anpu or Anubis

Anpu (Anubis)

Today’s card is Anpu (Anubis), the son of Set and NebtHet (Nepthys). Anpu’s role in Ancient Egyptian Myth is one of guide and protector. Anpu’s duty for every soul leaving earth the final time is to guide them on their journey through pitfalls and challenges to the final judgment. As a guide, he shows the way. As a guardian, he protects you from evil and your own bad choices. Anpu asks if you need a guide in your life right now? Would it help for someone to mentor you and assist you in knowing what to do in an ethical dilemma? Anpu points to your heart and lets you know that you have your own balance within you, the center of your conscience. He advises you to listen to your heart in everything that you do, even in what you think. Remember that the dog family is known for its faithfulness, letting you know that Anpu’s wisdom is available to you always.


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