Aug 24, 2013 Seshat



Today’s card is Seshat, the goddess of writing and measurement. When you look at the duties of a scribe, it is to record everything, just like a computer. The duties of Seshat not only included creative and sacred writings, but also the recording of everyday business. The everyday business related to life in Ancient Egypt, and all public buildings, especially temples, were measured out according to divine blueprints. Seshat is here to ask you what you are doing in your life that should be recorded? Are you keeping a record of important events? Are you keeping records of all of the homes in which you have lived? Do you also journal your hopes and plans? These measurements of the future are just as important as the records of your past and present, because they allow you to create your future in advance. Instead of going through life like a rolling stone, actively take part in your future by practicing all the gifts of Seshat.


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