Aug 16, 2013 Aton



Today’s card is the Aton, Akhenaton’s one god, represented by a sun disk with rays coming down to offer life to all those on earth. Ancient Egyptian religion may appear to be a pantheon of many gods, all inter-related and interacting with each other and humanity. Akhenaton saw there was only one god, who gave life to all people and all creatures and things. Another way to look at it is to see the many gods as aspects of the whole. So today the Aton asks you to see with the eyes of wholeness. Do you see that you are connected to all other people around you? Not just family and selected friends, but even the beggar and the powerful head of state are your equals to the Aton. Do you see that the One supplies all of your needs, through many different ways? Do you acknowledge this Oneness and give thanks directly to the Source? The Aton gives life equally to all, and asks you to share your life in that same way.


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