Aug 2, 2013 Seshew


Seshew, the scribe’s writing kit

Today’s card is Seshew, the writing kit of the scribe. In Ancient Egypt, the scribe held an unusual position in society. He could read and write, something we take for granted today, but less than 1% of the population could do this in ancient times. Not only were they accountants, running huge estates for the nobility, scribes were also a class from which the priests were chosen. In addition to recording daily things, scribes would read, write, and co-create eternal history. So the Seshew hieroglyph is much more than an ancient computer, it is your entryway into higher realms. Do you read, and if so, what is the subject? Do you write, and if so, what is the subject? Being mindful of the great gift of literacy, read as much as time allows, and write to share your journey with others coming after you.


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