July 31 2013 HetHer

HetHer (Hathor)

HetHer (Hathor)

Today’s card is the goddess HetHer (Hathor), whose name in hieroglyphs shows that she is the daytime sky, the Home of Heru (Horus). HetHer was a goddess from early times, but was particularly favored by the famous Cleopatra VII, the last of the Ptolemys to rule Egypt. HetHer is the perfect hostess, not only beautiful herself, but surrounding herself with beauty, goodness, music & dance, and luxury. She is here to ask you what you love to share with others? What do you offer to your guests when they come to your home? How do you make them feel welcome and are they happy to return to see you? HetHer gives you this hint: that luxury comes from the resources that you have within yourself.

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