July 19 2013 Aton



Today’s card is the Aton, the sole god of Akhenaton, the pharaoh who revolutionized his country’s religion to worship only one god. The Aton is a sun disk with many rays coming down, each with a hand giving life to the earth. When the royal family is shown, there is an ankh in the hand being placed just under the nose so that life will be breathed in. The Aton is here today to ask if you have been receiving life from the god of your understanding? Are you understanding that God is the source of all, including you? Do you know that this God is also the life force for everyone and everything around you? If you do not feel this way, the Aton suggests that you look into your beliefs and decide for yourself who or what is your one true source? Your answer to this question will clear the life path before you.


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