July 12 2013 Anpu (Anubis)

Anpu or Anubis

Anpu (Anubis)

Today’s card is Anpu (Anubis), the jackal. Anpu’s primary function in Ancient Egyptian mythology is to accompany the deceased on a perilous journey to heaven. Happily he knows every pitfall and solid path to walk on. This is why Anpu is also called the Way-Shower. Anpu asks you if you have a perilous journey ahead? Are you coming up on a family disagreement, contention at work or school, or a hazardous situation of any kind? If you need a guide to take you through it, look to the qualities of the jackal. He knows how to run swiftly and hide in the shadows. He is camouflaged in the desert to look like the sands. He is brave if cornered and swift to escape if possible. Put your trust in the protection of God, and allow Anpu to awaken your intuition to alert you to the best means of avoiding and surviving danger.

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