July 10 2013 Djed



Today’s card is Djed, a glyph associated with Ausar and Ptah. This hieroglyph has many symbols within it: the 4 lines can mean four levels of consciousness or the four directions; the shape resembles a spine; and it can also be interpreted as a pillar. All symbols point to the idea of stability. Since the Ancient Egyptian religion focused primarily on eternity over this present life, the Djed pillar was seen as a way to raise the spirit until it was upright in heaven. The Djed pillar is here to remind you that you have an eternal life that lasts far longer than this present one. What you do here, however, does have an effect on your immortal soul. Take the advice of the Djed to be stable and upright in all that you think, say and do. It will be with you for eternity. Em hotep.


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