July 9 2013 Nuit



Today’s card is Nuit (Nut), the night time sky. Nuit is indigo blue and touches the earth with her hands and feet, creating an arc above us. The golden stars along her belly are our ancestors who have made it to heaven. Nuit wants to remind you that you are a star in the making. Everything that you do and say here to others is recorded in your soul and that you will take with you as memories into eternity. Nuit asks you if you are mindful of your thoughts and actions? Do you see the possibilities your choices make for affecting others, maybe even in the hundreds or thousands? Nuit is not asking you to slow down to make all of these choices. Instead, she hints that a good connection to your understanding of God through your heart will lead you in the right direction consciously. Shine on that your descendants will one day see you in the heavens with all of the other stars!


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