July 6 2013 Apep (Apophis)

Apep or Apophis

Apep – Apophis

Today’s card is Apep (Apophis), the dreaded serpent of destruction. One great fear of the ancients was that the sun would not return and the world would plunge into chaos. To protect Mayat, divine order, was a constant vigil practiced by everyone from the pharaoh down to the people. Apep is here to be sure that you have cleared away anything that is holding you back from your highest good. Instead of fearing what is a natural part of the cycle of life, including the clearing away of the old which is past its use, think of Apep as an emptying of the closet. What are you holding onto that should be given away or recycled? What relationship is in your life that is not part of your spiritual growth (someone who would rather argue or put you down than encourage you)? The holy men and women of all religions are expected to be pure, and Apep is here to help everyone get rid of the clutter and baggage we have carried without thinking for so long.


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