06/21/13 Ankh (Summer Solstice)



Today’s card is the Ankh, the symbol for eternal life. This symbol has been embraced by many other cultures, thus still has relevance today. Back in the 1960’s with the hippie peace movement, the ankh sat right alongside the new peace symbol. The vision then was that everyone should be at peace with everyone else, no more war! Perhaps we should listen to the ancients of both times, Egypt and Peace-freaks. The Ankh is here to tell you that eternal life lasts a very long time. Not only do you have this life to live here on Earth, you also have eternity as an immortal soul. What you are doing here matters as it colors your eternal life. Are you seeking Peace? Are you at peace with yourself? With your understanding of God? Daily life should not obscure such deep questions that only you may answer.


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