6/15/13 Udjat



Today’s card is Udjat, the eye of Re. The Ancients thought the eye of Re had a life and a purpose of its own. Myth states that Re sent his eye out to help in the creation of the world. Myth also tells the story that Re decided to destroy mankind for being too loud and disrespectful, and sent the eye (equated with Sekhmet) to wipe us out. The Udjat asks you what you are seeing in the world around you? Like Re, when you see the good, that is more and more what you will see. If you see the bad, it will get bigger and bigger until it obscures the good and you might make a hasty decision like Re to get rid of some bothersome people from your life. Happily, Re reconsidered and we are all still here. Hopefully you too will choose to see the good over seeing less.


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