6/12/13 Nesu Bit

Today’s card is NesuBit, the hieroglyph for pharaoh, the divine ruler of Ancient Egypt. The Ancients believed their pharaoh was much more than a human man, he was also Egypt itself. It was he that was responsible for preserving Mayat, truth and righteousness, and warding off chaos (see Apep in the deck for that job). NesuBit is here to have you look at your own domain. You are the ruler of your life, perhaps also your house. As the ruler, prayers and watchful diligence assure peace and prosperity for all who enter your domain. If you are experiencing losses and trials, remember that there is one above you who is ultimately responsible: the God of your understanding. In Ancient Egypt, you would have been considered the son (or daughter) of God, thus his representative. When you and God work together, no obstacle is too hard to overcome.

Nesu Bit

Nesu Bit


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