6/10/13 Sema



Today’s card is Sema, the hieroglyph for unity, oneness, and unification. Sema is composed of a lotus plant and a papyrus plant. Both are water loving plants and are found on the banks of the Nile. They are both associated with the office of pharaoh, whose rulership unites Upper and Lower Egypt. In a spiritual vein, Sema brings together two ideas that are distinct, but that create a new thought as a pair. Ancient Egyptians were fascinated by twins, as their mythology shows. They knew the secret that two distinct beings can unite and become a pair, much as we do with the institution of marriage. Sema is here to have you look at the pairs in your life. Do you have a life partner? Do you have a business partner? Best friend for many years? All of these pairings are sacred as they contain within them the dance of life, being flexible yet constant at the same time. Native American wisdom calls this the Beauty Way, as it requires balance and symmetry to walk the line between the worlds of spirit and of earth. Honor your pairings and dance the dance of life! Em hotep.


4 thoughts on “6/10/13 Sema

    • Thank you nandkishor. I was once showing off the Egypt Cards deck at a convention and a lady pulled this card. It turns out that she was a minister in the Unity Church. It would make a good symbol for the United Nations too.


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