Seeking other Ancient Egypt fans

I am seeking to network with other fans of Ancient Egypt, her culture, religion, and philosophy to say nothing of her awesome art and architecture. I am particularly interested in her literature, especially that which is written in the sacred hieroglyphs. Art truly was a form of writing in Ancient Egypt.
I am not a professional Egyptologist, Archaeologist or Archaeolinguist. I am a librarian whose father raised her to be fascinated with Egypt since childhood. I have visited Egypt in 1961 as a tiny 11 year old, when it was run by Nasser and full of Communist Russians. I have visited the Louvre in Paris, the Metropolitan in NYC, and any Egypt collection that I pass by.
I would love to get into a discussion with any of you who have similar interests here.
I will be posting my musings on the topic, but once again, I am no expert.


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